About Us

bikespokes mobile cycle repair service moray nairn


A few words of introduction from bikespokes founder Kevin: My first day on two wheels didn’t bode well. I managed to wobble head first into a rusty gate and finished up in casualty (cycle helmets didn’t exist in the 1970’s!). Fortunately, things improved after that and I soon became addicted to the freedom that a bicycle brings.

As I got older, I learned how to fix my own bikes through the 1980's and became fascinated by the simple mechanics of that too. As soon as I had the chance, I found a Saturday job in a bike shop (the well known national chain) which ultimately became my full time career for several years.

After a spell in the motor trade, I have returned to repairing bikes that are very different to those simple mechanics that I first worked on as a child.

bikespokes mobile cycle repair service moray nairn

Interest in cycling has exploded in recent years and bikes have become more technically advanced with many repairs requiring specialist tools. This means that there is less that the DIY mechanic can do at home nowadays - and so the idea for bikespokes was born.

So, with some re-training and a City & Guilds certificate to get me up to speed with the latest technologies, here I am....