New Bikes

As a mobile service, we obviously don’t have the luxury of a showroom for you to look at lots of different models and try out different sizes, but with a little homework, you can still “keep it local”. Although we don’t keep new bikes in stock, we are happy to order one for you and it usually only takes a few days. We will assemble it, get everything set up and deliver it to your door personally, ready for any final adjustments. For more information, feel free to contact us by text or email or via our Facebook page.

adventure outdoor co new bikes

Our biggest selling brand is the Adventure Outdoor Co who have a tried and tested range of bikes, including something to suit everyone. Quality and style doesn’t need to cost the earth with British designed and developed bikes. Solid and dependable with a carefully thought out spec, these are bikes built to last.

Based in Scotland, Cyclotricity offer affordable electric bikes which are simple and reliable for those looking for a no frills introduction to eBikes.

Hikobike electric bike new eBike

We are proud to offer Hikobike, all the way from New Zealand. While fairly new to the UK, they were established in 2013. Kiwi style eBikes – practical, dependable, understated, solid, durable, honest and straightforward. Their philosophy incorporates designing and manufacturing comfortable, functional electric assist bikes from the best quality components. Hikobike ebikes are built for quality rather than to a price.

E-bikes designed & built in the UK by Volt. Electric bikes for all types of rider and every budget. From commuters wanting to get to work quickly and safely to adrenaline junkies wanting to adventure further, Volt e-bikes deliver the same sophistication, class and high-performance to every model.

First started in 2007, Batribike is now a joint venture with Danish manufacturer ProMovec and are growing fast. Their electric bikes are specifically designed for the UK market focusing on quality and service at sensible prices and come with an industry leading warranty for peace of mind. They have an extensive range of models and are making some of the best eBikes on the market.

KTM is well known for producing some of the best motorcycles in the world. What’s not quite so widely understood is that they have been building exceptional quality bicycles since 1964. KTM electric bikes are beautifully crafted e-bikes from Austria’s largest supplier, delivering quality and performance at an exceptional price. At Bikespokes, we can supply a small selection of their Bosch powered full suspension mountain bikes.

We can also potentially get some of the European brands that don’t insist on having a big shiny showroom such as the Bosch powered Gepida, for example. Although less well known on this side of the channel, they are well respected brands in the EU and Switzerland using market leading components from the likes Schwalbe, Magura and Bosch.

Gepida eBikes. Entered the industry back in 1998 with their first exhibition in Cologne. Since then the company has grown & grown – now offering some of the best and most well known E-Bikes on the market today. A firm favourite amongst many of our customers is the Reptila range – this is perfect for those looking for an ebike to use often and in a variety of ways.

Alternatively, if you would rather buy elsewhere, then we are happy to build and set up your new bike from the box for £30.00.