Delay at Darcey’s: A Cawdor Circuit

Well, the weather improved – and then promptly plunged back into winter. So as it’s still chilly and wet, we thought a medium-length route was in order with a start and finish in Nairn.

From Nairn take the Grantown Road and then bear right at Househill along the Sustrans Cycle Route 1. You will continue to follow the Cycle route 1 signs and go through Raitloan, Regoul and Meikle Urchany. This is beautiful countryside so remember to slow down and take in the surroundings. At Little Urchany we dropped down to Cawdor where we stopped for some delicious coffee and cake at Darcey’s Tea Room. You may want to take the opportunity to have a tour around Cawdor Castle and gardens while you are there.

From there we went over to Clephanton where we took the B9091 back to Nairn.

Next month we hope to explore similar territory, but venture a good bit further on Cycle Route 1 to make it a 70-80 mile circuit. So if you’ve got the miles in your legs, watch this space……

Approx 25 miles

UPDATE: Apparently, Darcey’s Tea Room has closed since writing this, but there are alternatives just around the corner in the village.