Mix & Match from Nairn

A mixed cycle route from Nairn to Forres to include some forest tracks through the Culbin Forest and the relatively quiet back road to Nairn.

This is a great route if you are just beginning to explore on your bike, or if you are feeling the need for a more relaxed ride. It’s best to arm yourself with a Culbin map so that you can follow the numbered signposts detailed here as the detail on our online map is limited. You can get these from tourist information or at any of the main Culbin car parks.

Starting from Nairn Harbour, take the trail along the front in an easterly diection. This will take you past the caravan site and onto the shore via the East Beach. You will soon pass The Ministers Pool and the RSPB Nature Reserve. Continue along this path as it enters the forest where it soon meets the No. 23 signpost. Continue west until you hit the No. 22 signpost and take a right here till you come to signpost No. 24 where you continue straight on heading for signpost No. 28. Try to ensure that you follow this middle route rather than the more northerly trail as it can be very wet and boggy and is best avoided. From here continue to head for Wellhill Carpark via whichever means you prefer, but a suggested route might be: 27, 32, 38, 39, 41 and 43 which takes you to Wellhill car park.

From the car park continue out towards Kintessack and take a left at the junction. Follow the road round to the Broom of Moy junction where you turn left and go over the River Findhorn via the Bailey Bridge. After the bridge go straight on and follow the path till you come out on a wider track. Turn right here and cycle under a small bridge where you will find yourself in the Greshop Industrial Estate. Turn right at Lidl and head for Mackenzie and Cruickshank Garden Centre where you can enjoy a light snack or a lovely lunch.

Once you are refreshed you can join the short section of cycle track along the River Findhorn and then onto the pathway that runs alongside the A96 – why the cycle path suddenly stops half way along is anyone’s guess! Cross over the Findhorn Bridge, turn right, then left, and shortly after turn right until you are close to the village of Dyke. Shortly before the village, take a right [at Mudhall Farm] and then around 3/4 of a mile later take a left. You are now on the Lochloy Road which you can follow all the way back to Nairn.

You could of course start and finish this route from Forres. If you do this, then you can enjoy your ‘benefit’ at the Basil Cafe.

Total: Approx 34 miles